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Over the past seven years, Project Promise has racked up an impressive record of positively impacting St. Croix youth. Even so, we know that operating out of borrowed facilities has been holding us back from doing even more. Although we have a building it’s been sitting empty, because it needs extensive renovations in order to be habitable.

Building Rehab Project

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Great news: We have been given an incredible opportunity to rehab the building so we can make the move to our own, permanent home! But there was one catch: We had to get the roof replaced by June 11th, so that the building will be safe for the rest of the work to take place. And, we did it! We’ve replaced the roof, rebuilt the second floor, framed out all of the walls, built the interior and exterior stairs, and much more.


Help us complete the project! Your donation will help make it possible for us to get the building rehab completed and start doing even more to help at-risk youth turn their lives around!

Protect the Promise

Project Promise’s programs are all about opening doors for our at-risk youth in St. Croix, in order to uplift, educate and empower them. Our holistic approach provides many opportunities for positive change, while our nurturing environment provides a safe place in which youth can get the tools and support they need to live healthier, happier and more successful lives.